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Why Are We Still Talking About Female Empowerment?

Ever notice we live in a world where men don’t need workshops, quotes, or seminars for “male empowerment”? It’s just a given that they have power. No questions asked. No need to instill it – it just “is”. We like to believe our country, and our world, has come a long way and provided women with power, and feeling empowered.

The truth is … we haven’t come all that far. We have the right to vote, sure. But, do we really believe and own our power? Isn’t there always that little voice in each of our heads sharing lies, telling us we aren’t worthy and don’t deserve to be seen and heard, because our words and beliefs aren’t important.

I’m here to tell you: not only do you deserve to be seen and heard, but it’s YOUR RIGHT as a human. So if it means we have to drill it into our heads with quotes, seminars and workshops in order to instill the change we want to see for our future females, let’s get the work done.

Gender Equality for All

We say female empowerment but what we really want is gender equality and empowerment for all. Women have been fighting the battle to understand their self-worth and influence social change for so long, right?
Why Are We Still Talking About Female Empowerment?

However, these days, it isn’t just about what society labels our gender as at birth. Society is changing every day, and we need to broaden our minds and embrace the idea of gender empowerment – and bring all our fellow humans into the light.

It doesn’t take away from the female empowerment we have been fighting for all these years, it just means we’re including more people so we can all start to make a difference for the future generations following in our footsteps. So let’s get to empowering women, but also all those who aren’t embracing their self-worth.

5 Types of Female Empowerment (and Gender Empowerment)

Empowerment means different things to different people. One will never be able to land on a solid definition of it that will truly inhabit what it means. However, there are multiple types of empowerment that help push the message further up the flagpole.

Individual Empowerment

If you don’t believe you have the power to change your own life and circumstances, you won’t be able to change the world. So how do you empower yourself?

  • Create a list of goals that are achievable
  • Hold yourself accountable to these goals
  • ACHIEVE the goals
  • Reflect on how far you’ve come

Once you have achieved the goals you’ve set, you will find it much easier to believe you encompass the power necessary to make significant change. Keep setting more goals, achieving the goals, and you’ll be unstoppable.

Social Empowerment

Social Empowerment

One of the hardest things to believe is that you can make a difference in your own community, or in society. We see negative, toxic, disgraceful behavior happening around us all the time. However, many people don’t believe their voice is enough to help change these abhorrent circumstances.

The truth is, you can. Start by joining with a group of likeminded people who wish to make a change. When you have multiple voices, it makes it easier to feel empowered and to start using your own voice in bigger and bolder ways.

Once you see and feel the impact a group you belong to is making, you’ll break away and start speaking up with more confidence, and embrace the power you were born with.

Political Empowerment

Let’s face it, our country needs to see more diversity in political offices. When we see someone who looks like us, or who embodies our same beliefs, it gives us a feeling of political empowerment. Then we know our voice and our vote matters. So we speak up more, and we vote more, and we ask others to get in on the action.

When we know our voice matters, we’ll always make sure it is heard!

Educational Empowerment

High-quality education isn’t readily available to everyone. If more opportunities are created to provide free access to educational resources, more people might feel empowered. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s the best way to further your education. It’s the only way to fill your mind with important information, as well as empower you to discover new talents.

Having educational empowerment is key to having power over each aspect of our lives. Do you feel that your local mechanic is ripping you off every time you bring your car in for an oil change? How about when you head to the accountant to get your taxes done each year?

Access to free educational videos, and other materials, allows all of us to have the power to make better choices and never feel we are at the mercy of anyone else. Knowledge truly is power, and when you can learn something new that benefits your life in some way – get your educational empowerment on, friends.

Psychological Empowerment

Understanding how the actions of others impact our behaviors, as well as the behaviors of those around us, is psychological empowerment. The more aware you are, the deeper your empathy grows, and you develop psychological empowerment, which means you can be an amazing tool in the fight for change.

When you’re going through something in your own life, being able to connect with others who are going through the same thing, or have gone through it and made it to the other side, can make you feel empowered. You realize you’re not alone. You are not ‘the only one’.

Sometimes We Need Help Developing Female Empowerment

No one has to figure all this stuff out on their own. There’s so many professionals that can help you navigate through your emotions, feelings, roadblocks, and, even your successes, as you make your way towards female empowerment. It’s not a road you walk alone. Reach out and walk with someone, or a few “someones”.

Feeling empowered is our human right, and once we all embrace this mindset and make it a core belief for ourselves, we can incite a lot of forward thinking that will create necessary change in ourselves, and in society. Let’s walk together, my friends.

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