Acelli Crippen-Kok · Jan 15, 2023 · 4 min read

Improving Family Relationships While Still Keeping Your Boundaries Firmly in Place

You’ve taken time to heal, and learn more about yourself and your relationships. Time has been devoted to understanding how to handle a variety of personalities and situations so your anxiety and anger don’t overpower your calmer state of mind. The time you spent healing shouldn’t go to waste, right? Often, we find ourselves doing a ton of inside work, only to have it undone by family members who don’t respect you, or your mental health.

I’m here to share a tool that many people don’t use, because they don’t know they need to do it. It’s called setting boundaries and it’s often a necessity when dealing with family members you love, but just don’t know their place!

Yes, that’s right! The boundaries you set with family and loved ones can help improve your life, and help improve your familial relationships.

Maintaining Boundaries to Improve Family Relationships

You know what’s best for you, and your mental health thanks to all your work you put in talking with your therapist. Now it’s time to set boundaries to take your healthy life to the next level!

Boundaries are GOOD things. They show others that you respect yourself and love yourself, and know that you deserve others’ respect, too. As you look around, you may notice some family members require boundaries in order to improve your relationships with them. Big indicators that a boundary is necessary with a family member:

Improving Family Relationships While Still Keeping Your Boundaries Firmly in Place
  • You’re constantly offended by what they do to you, or say to you.
  • The thought of spending time around them just brings a sense of dread and kicks your anxiety into gear.

When you’re dialed into who you are, what you deserve and how you wish to be treated – boundaries are necessary to maintain a healthy mind and maintain healthy relationships.

Though maintaining relationships with others is never more important than maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself, keep in mind you shouldn’t cut everyone off to maintain your healthier life you’ve done so much work to create. The solution is setting boundaries so you don’t feel the need to cut people completely out of your life.

Creating Boundaries Improves Relationships with Loved Ones

Not one person on this earth is perfect, including yourself. Boundaries provide your loved ones with a set of rules that allow for mutually respectful relationships. It might take a bit for those who have been inclined to overstep in the past to adjust and stick to your boundaries, but with time and patience, more often than not, people learn and the end result can be a beautiful, flourishing family bond that gets stronger each year.

So, let go of any guilt you feel when establishing and sharing your boundaries. Be kind during your conversations meant to establish the boundaries, and show patience and love when enforcing your boundaries.

When you:

  • understand YOUR NEEDS
  • clearly communicate your boundaries
  • are prepared for pushback from your family members
  • are committed to staying consistent with enforcing your boundaries

you’ll be in the best shape to show the world and yourself you love and respect yourself and your relationships.

Maintaining Family Boundaries Can Be Stressful

Taking your needs to your family in the form of boundaries can often feel overwhelming, and when a person feels overwhelmed, they tend to resort to their old ways. As a result, family members never know what your needs are, and the same patterns stay in place. This doesn’t do any good for your family relationships! Working with a professional provides you with the tools to not just work on yourself and your needs, it can also be the best way to plan out how to approach your family with your necessary boundaries! You never have to take on these situations on your own. There’s help. Reach out and ask for help today.

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