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I accept Aetna insurance through a third-party biller.

If you do not have Aetna, the private pay rate is $140 per session for individuals and $165 for couples. 


Documentation can be provided upon request with the appropriate details for you to submit to your insurance provider for possible reimbursement.


Effective January 1, 2022, a provider must furnish a self-pay client with the notice and GFE prior to all scheduled services or by request if the client is shopping for care (and not yet at the point of scheduling). This includes, but is not limited to, office visits, therapy, diagnostic tests, infusions, and surgeries.  

Who qualifies as a self-pay client?
A provider’s duty to provide notice and a GFE applies to self-pay clients, i.e., an individual who (1) does not have benefits for an item or service under a group health plan, group or individual health insurance coverage offered by a health insurance issuer, federal healthcare program, or a health benefits plan; or (2) chooses not to use his or her coverage benefit for the item or service.

At this time, I am only in network with Aetna therefore, choosing my services (if you don't have Aetna) qualifies you as a self-pay client.

Please note, therapy is a little different in that we can’t necessarily provide an estimate of how long it takes to treat a relationship issue, address anxiety, or focus on and minimize depression, etc. There are a number of variables that are involved in quantifying what will be needed at times. Should a client decide to return for a “tune up,” the good faith estimate may need adjusting.


  • Individual Per Session Fee $140 (50 minutes)

  • Weekly session for 50 weeks in calendar year $7000

  • Client sees therapist every other week for 50 weeks in calendar year $3500

  • Client sees therapist every 4 weeks for 50 weeks in calendar year $1680


  • Couples Per Session Fee $165 (50 minutes)

  • Couple sees therapist every week for 50 weeks in calendar year $8250

  • Couple sees therapist every other week for 50 weeks in calendar year $4125

  • Couple sees therapist every 4 weeks for 50 weeks in a calendar year $1980

Please note: the frequency with which clients are seen, and the duration of time in which they are seen, is dependent on client need. The above examples are for illustrative purposes only and are not specific to you or your treatment. Instead they are meant to show the variation of cost over the course of a year.


I do not offer a sliding scale. However, I am an Open Path Collective partner. This is a nationwide non-profit organization that partners with mental health professionals to offer affordable services to those in need.  I have limited spaces for Open Path clients. Feel free to check out my Open Path profile if you would like to learn more.