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Long-term Relationships End: How to Handle the Reactions After Announcing the Breakup

It’s an unfortunate part of life, but sometimes a long-term relationship ends. Many couples go through a long process to end things. After the end of a relationship, the next step is announcing it to loved ones, co-workers, and the world. As if ending a relationship isn’t hard enough – but now, you have to handle the reactions after announcing the breakup.


It Is Never Easy Ending a Long-Term Relationship

Absolutely no one finds it easy to end a long-term relationship. Even when both parties are good with the idea of parting ways, ending a relationship is some tough stuff. Lives become intertwined in ways we never understand until we have to sit down and start the process of splitting up.

After figuring out much of the legalities, and the “who gets what” conversations, it’s time to share the information with the outside world.

Long-term Relationships End: How to Handle the Reactions After Announcing the Breakup

It downright stinks that part of the splitting up process requires breaking the news to friends, co-workers, and if you have kids, school administrators.

Yep, just another layer of pain as your relationship comes to an end.

Announcing a Relationship Breakup

The effects of a relationship breakup spread far beyond the newly split-up couple. Its impact on relationships each partner has with not just their own personal connections, but also their partner’s connections, can be heartbreaking.. Everyone involved in your life before, during and now, after, the partnership, will have some deep feelings about the whole situation.

Some of those feelings might be positive ones, as they agree ending the relationship is absolutely a fantastic decision. But, that’s not always the case. After announcing a relationship breakup, there’s always going to be some deeply hurt feelings on both sides of the spectrum. And man, regardless of which side of the coin each person lands on, people are going to have some words about all of it. Words they’ll be happy to share, loudly!

Handling Breakup Reactions

Let’s share this again, because it’s important to understand: after announcing your parting of ways to those in your inner circle, and beyond, those feelings people are feeling are going to result in some…. reactions. Depending on the reactions thrown at you, there may be some that require tips to make them easier to handle.

Don’t Take it Personally

Whatever reaction, be it positive or negative, don’t take it to heart. People will immediately think about how the news will directly affect their life. Just let whatever the reaction is roll off your back.

Be Open to Hearing What They Have to Say

Let them vent about the situation. Sometimes people truly need to just release their feelings about a tough announcement. They’re unsure of what to feel, think, or say. More often than not, your other half was an integral part of this person’s life.

Let them share their grief over the loss. The truth is, even if you and your former partner remain in each others’ lives and have no issues with your loved ones continuing relationships with former partners, the dynamics will never be the same.

There is a loss of some kind, on some level. Let them talk it out, grieve, and work through what’s happening.

Reinforce This is a Healthy Choice

Make it clear that this decision was not made in haste. It’s important to reinforce that this decision is made, and there’s no talking you and your former partner out of it. Also make it known without a shadow of a doubt that this is a healthy choice for you, your former partner, and if kids are involved, them, too.

Know When to End the Conversation

When it starts to drag out, and you’re just overwhelmed and find it hard not to take personally – end the conversation. You don’t want to resent them, or have ill feelings towards anyone expressing their concerns, so know when you need to end the conversation.

Relationships End and the News Must be Shared

When you’re ready to share the news of a long-term relationship ending, but aren’t sure how to handle the announcement as well as the responses to the announcement, ask a professional for help. You never have to go into any situation unprepared to handle yourself with grace and strength. Let’s talk today!

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