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There are many types of therapy. At Solid Ground Counseling, we tailor each therapy type to the individual. Whether we're working with women on building boundaries or teens on confidence building, counseling is unique to each, individual client's needs.

Individual therapy takes on different methods and techniques to help clients get the right help. I work with my clients in a safe space that allows them to heal and grow. Learn how an individualized approach can benefit you and provide you with the tools necessary for taking control of your life.

Take a look at the areas of specialty available at Solid Ground Counseling & Wellness.

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Women's empowerment is more than a feminist concept - it's knowing how to own your truth and your power. Therapy for women, can help you learn the power of saying "NO", and why saying "NO" is an important form of self-care.
You'll be given the chance to fully understand your self worth, which will provide us the opportunity to explore the importance of building boundaries as well as learn how to build boundaries.
We will work through your past experiences to help you develop the tools for you to be able to pave a path forward and harness your identity.

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Over time we build up perceptions of how a relationship should be. When they don't meet our expectations, we move on with some new walls built around our wounded hearts instead of healing from a broken heart. Sometimes we're hurt by someone we love. There are times we had someone push our relationship boundaries during a toxic relationship and it ends in bitterness. Other times a good relationship ends because it ran its course. Working through the past and present can help you build a better future filled with healthy relationships.


Are you wondering if extreme stress or anxiety will be part of your life forever?  Does it seem like true healing or relief from stress or anxiety is out of reach? It's possible to learn how to manage stress and get anxiety help, so you can feel better and have healthy, safe, and loving relationships with others.

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Depression comes in many forms and it can be debilitating. Depending on the depression type, there are a variety of depression symptoms and signs of depression that will tell me how to help you.
Are you ready to start feeling better? If you feel lost in life on some level, unsure of how to find your way, therapy can help to treat depression.
You don't have to do the hard work alone. We will work together to help you learn coping skills for depression.


It's common for adults to overlook the emotional needs and mental health of teenagers. Teenager depression and bullying can drastically affect teen mental health and how a teen perceives their self worth.
Therapy for teenagers can help them learn the building blocks for growing healthy relationships, working through life's problems, and building confidence.

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