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Is it Time to Walk Away from Your Relationship?

The world insists love is all a couple needs to make it through the hard times, the good times, and everything in between. I’m here to burst the “love conquers all” bubble every romantic comedy has blown in your face. Love is NOT enough, it just keeps up putting up with a ton of nonsense we shouldn’t be putting up with. Don’t want to believe me? I get it. It’s not a fun realization that love just isn’t enough!

So, if the love is there how do you know, for sure, you need to walk away from your relationship?

Love Isn’t Enough

As much as we have been programmed to believe love is all we need in the world and in a relationship, it’s absolutely not true. You always want to have love in your life, and in your relationships, especially romantic relationships. However, you need so much more to sustain a high quality romantic relationship. You and your partner won’t thrive and grow without:

  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Communication
Is it Time to Walk Away from Your Relationship?

One would think that when you’re in a relationship that mutual respect, mutual trust, and open lines of communication would be…..normal and natural. However, many couples get wrapped up in mutual attraction and ‘the sparks’ at the start of the relationship that they have a hard time seeing the red flags whipping around them.

Sometimes it can take years to accept that love and attraction are not providing either of you a healthy, stable, and deep relationship. Even after realizing the relationship isn’t working, many couples stick it out because of the years of history together and those memories of the good times.

The truth is, ending the relationship isn’t a bad thing. It’s difficult to walk away from someone you love, but it might be the best decision for both of you.

End Your Relationship

Still wondering if it’s time to end your relationship? Is walking away from someone you love really the healthiest choice for you and your future? Let’s find out.


First, are you feeling like your partner doesn’t respect your opinions, choices, or goals? Do you have absolutely no interest in your partner’s opinions, choices, or goals? If you have no mutual respect, or one-sided respect, you can’t develop strong connections. If this can’t be worked on and improved upon, then it might be time to walk away from one another.


If lies are being spoken, and a partner never owns up to their mistakes, then trust is gone and there’s no reason to stay in the relationship. If you or your partner cheated, and it’s a regular occurrence with no real remorse, the trust is gone and it’s time to move on. Love isn’t going to solve a trust problem. Forgive them, and then move the [bleep] on!.


A healthy relationship cannot survive without communication. There’s no way to develop deep intimacy if you aren’t able to talk about anything under the sun. Misunderstandings over important subjects, and the humdrum stuff, leads to tension between couples. When everyone is tense and feels like they have to walk on eggshells, the relationship will not survive. It will just exist, slowly destroying the couple as well as those around them. Sometimes the love that brought a couple together is what turns the relationship toxic when communication goes missing.

Without respect, trust, and communication, love can’t carry the load of a meaningful and strong relationship. Why live life in a relationship that’s no longer serving your best interests and helping create and sustain your best life? Life’s too short, get out of that relationship.

You Followed the Signs and Left the Relationship, Now What?

Walking away from someone you love will hurt, and you’ll probably ask yourself “did I do the right thing”? That’s when asking for help is beneficial to successfully moving forward after walking away from the wrong relationship. Help is here when you’re ready!

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