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Taking Self Care to New Levels

Many people believe that therapy geared towards addressing women's needs is unnecessary, very new-age, and doesn't yield results. They are very wrong.

Empowering women through therapy teaches women to own their power, build boundaries, say "no" (and mean it), and rebuild their identities through all of life's transitions.


I'm a therapist for women who enjoys working with women to help them to heal from past experiences while owning their authentic truths. Reach out today to begin your next step towards empowerment in Cedar Park, Texas to help you build boundaries, learn your self worth, and own your truth.

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Building Your Identity Through Self Care

There is a lot that goes into a woman's feeling of self worth. Cultural identity and heritage play a large part in how a woman views herself and her role in society, relationships, and the family dynamic. Past loves, heart aches, and experiences add to how a woman views what she is worth.

Think about it: when you work in an office, you are given a salary and a title - then you are told to perform better to earn a higher salary or new title...over and over again. That affects how YOU see yourself and your value.

Solid Ground Counseling & Wellness provides therapy for women which can help you strip away past pains to teach you the building blocks of real self care (not just bubble baths and alone time). I empower women to incorporate their cultural identity and heritage on a new level that builds confidence and self care.



Learning to Say NO

Wives, mothers, girlfriends, and daughters - women in general - are the last people to learn to say NO to people.

We are not raised to build boundaries to protect ourselves from toxic relationships. Society tends to tell us that we should say YES to doing anything we are asked to do. Whether it's volunteering in the school, taking on a new project in the office, or hosting an event we have no interest in - we are expected to smile, nod, and say YES.

Therapy for women can be helpful by providing a safe space where you learn it's okay to say NO to things that don't fulfill you. Your mental well-being and identity rely on your ability to build boundaries and so NO to things that you don't want to do. 

This is more than just a blog post with tips. Learning to build boundaries begins by breaking down past experiences. Setting and sticking to boundaries isn't easy - especially around those who keep pushing you to do things that don't serve you. Solid Ground Counseling & Wellness provides therapy for women where you can learn to feel safe, valued, and respected.



How Therapy Works

Therapy for women consists of 45-50 minute sessions that help you work through areas that are hindering your growth, stressing you out, or making you feel disempowered. 

You can reach your goals as an empowered woman. Start counseling in Cedar Park, Texas today.


Rebuild YOUR Identity Today


Set goals & actively work towards them. Set backs may occur but at Solid Ground Counseling & Wellness, you learn that set backs are not failures.

They are learning moments.


Communicating effectively is a learned skill. Through counseling, you will learn to communicate differently while breaking the thought that assertive means aggressive - they're different.


Learning to love and accept yourself is one of the hardest lessons in life. With counseling, we re-frame negative self talk by becoming aware of self criticism, then focus on your unique strengths.

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