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Why Do Women Need to Understand & EmbraceTheir Self-Worth

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Ladies, let’s talk about self-worth. There are far too many of us walking around doubting ourselves in each area of our lives.

We have moms questioning their worth if their kids aren’t perfect students and athletes. Women devoting their lives to the career they love and left wondering if they aren’t worthy because they aren’t having kids. And let’s not forget wives thinking they aren’t worthy because they aren’t home in time to “take care of” their husbands and the house.

women understand self worth and embrace it

My fellow ladies out there - we are all worthy of everything amazing in this world because we exist. It’s as simple as that. We are worthy because we exist.

Understand Self-Worth

How most of us live these days, our self-worth is wrapped up in self-evaluation. Society insists on making sure we base our self-worth on our confidence level, and how we view ourselves based on other people’s opinions. It all feeds what we believe our self-worth should be.

We either grow our feeling of self-worth with high levels of self-confidence and self-esteem, or we shrink it down to nothing when our self-confidence and self-esteem is low or doesn’t exist.

What we all need to understand is our self-worth is programmed into our DNA. We are worthy of the life we want just because we are alive. End of story.

Women’s Self-Worth

How many women out there were brought up being told you had to get married and have kids, and you shouldn’t want a successful career. Were you led to believe the only worthy path for women is one that includes marriage, kids, and a house in the suburbs? Who was also told that women were supposed to be nice, and to never make a man feel less than a man - whatever that means?

If we didn’t do what we were “supposed to” do, we weren’t worth someone’s time or energy. We weren’t worthy of a promotion because men have families to support, and you’ll leave the workforce to have kids soon anyway. We weren’t worthy of owning our own car or home without a man, so loans had to be co-signed, or we had to fill out extra paperwork to prove we could “handle” mortgage and car payments on our own.

We were constantly told our worth wasn’t ours to have without some kind of stipulation. When really, once again, the fact that we are living and breathing human beings was all we needed to be worthy of EVERYTHING our heart’s desire.

Embrace Self-Worth

So how do we embrace our self-worth? How do we shed all the nonsense stipulations placed upon us? Start by letting go of the idea of perfection. It doesn’t exist. There’s no perfect life you’re meant to live with a life-partner, kids, and career.

Get to know yourself again. Deepen your values, passions, and aspirations. Truly fall in love with the real you. And also, become friends with yourself. If you love who you are and are your own best friend, it helps remove the reliance on external sources defining your self-worth. Then you can break free, find your purpose and live YOUR meaningful life.

I know, it’s easy to tell you to love yourself. However, after years of doubting yourself, and questioning your self-worth, you may need a professional to help you learn to embrace the new you!

Nurturing Your Self-worth

If you nurture your self-worth, you’ll have a friend for life. A supportive friend that can help you when you’re feeling low, and will be your cheerleader during all the high points. Embracing self-worth is a necessity and it will be the best relationship you’ll ever have. Let’s work together to solidify your life-long friend: self-worth.

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