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5 Tips for Developing Your Ultimate Self-Confidence

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Self-confidence. It’s something many people either lack, have too much of, or enjoy a healthy amount of based in reality and self-awareness. If you’re relatively confident and people respect you, then you’re probably experiencing a healthy amount of self-confidence.

ultimate self confidence

However, if you’re struggling to:

  • Do what you believe is right (regardless of it being the unpopular choice)

  • Be optimistic

  • Feel comfortable accepting compliments

  • Accept your mistakes making it impossible to learn from your mistakes (we’re human, we all make mistakes)

Wondering why self-confidence is a struggle for you?

What are Self-Confidence Sources

It might shock people to find out the two significant sources feeding our self-confidence are:

  • Our life experiences

  • Our relationships

We hear all the time “learn to love yourself regardless of what job we have, or who loves us”. And it is true! However, that’s more about self-esteem and loving who we are. But sometimes, who we are includes not having self-confidence.

So, as far as self-confidence goes, it grows based on the experiences we have throughout our lifetimes as well as the people we choose to have relationships with. Seems fairly straightforward, which might be why many of us aren’t even aware of how significant each experience and relationship can build or harm our ultimate self-confidence.

How You Can Start Developing Self-Confidence

Being aware of what has been eating away at your self-confidence makes it a little easier to create an environment to build your self-confidence back up.

Make a List of What You’re Good At

No matter who you are and what you do, I can confidently say you have things you are good at. Even if you think it is “lame” or not important, stop telling yourself it is lame or unimportant - just write down what you’re good at. I have a cousin who is a genius at loading a dishwasher. She NEVER pulls out the dishes to put them away only to find the dishes aren’t clean. Her dishes are always clean. I am in awe of this skill. She thinks it is lame, I think it is a talent that keeps her from getting aggravated, and saves her time and money!

Whatever you feel you’re good at, or someone else tells you you’re good at - write it down. Add to the list each and every time you learn something else you are good at, or build upon something you’re already good at. When you’re low on confidence, whip that bad boy out and read the list.

Review Your Achievements

Not everyone can say they graduated high school, own a car, live in the exact place they love living in - these are huge achievements many people take for granted. Whatever you’ve achieved in this life, write it down and savor it! You accomplished everything on that list.

Set Realistic and Achievable Goals

Goals have a way of improving self-confidence when they are realistic and achievable. Start with smaller goals, create the steps you need to take to achieve the goals, and get busy so you can move the goal onto your achievement list.

Hype Yourself Up

Cut out the negative self-talk. Become your own cheerleader and best friend. All that love and support and kindness you show your closest best friend - start showing that kind of stuff to yourself, too. Hype yourself up every day and as often as needed throughout the day.

Engage in a Hobby

One of the best ways to build skills is to involve yourself in a hobby. When you’re passionate about something, it’s a lot easier to hone skills in your chosen hobby. Many of these skills can help in other areas of your life, and the simple fact that you developed new skills can provide a huge boost to your self-confidence.

Not Feeling the Increase in Your Self-Confidence?

Regardless of who you are and all of the different tips you follow, self-confidence isn’t always easy to improve on your own. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help to achieve ultimate self-confidence. It’s time to work together to build your self-confidence up! Reach out today.

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